Thursday, January 27, 2011

KrazyDad Puzzle Site

There are thousands of puzzles one can find at this site. This site contain following puzzles

Daily Sudoku
Eight more of your favorite puzzles, every day!

Kakuros are also known as Cross Sums - numeric crossword puzzles

A variety of mazes - perfect for bored kids!

The addictive logic puzzle that is taking Japan by storm!

Also known as Hashiwokakero in Japan. Connect islands to form a network of bridges.

Cross Figures
Numeric crosswords by Yochanan Dvir.

Links to daily crossword puzzles and resources.

Acrostic Puzzles with stupid or infamous quotations

Sudoku Collection
Original collection has tons of addictive puzzles

Killer Sudoku
Challenging puzzles that combine Sudoku + Kakuro techniques

Variety Slitherlink
Non-grid Slitherlinks that change the rules with a variety of beautiful tilings.

Also known as Tentai Show in Japan. These lovely puzzles are all about symmetry.

Mathematical sudoku puzzles for KenKen® fans

Smaller-sized Sudoku puzzles designed for Kids!

Krypto Kakuro
My personal favorite! Kakuros combined with Cryptograms

Jigoku means hell in Japanese. Fiendishly difficult sudoku puzzles with jigsaw-style clues!

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Fun With Puzzles Index Page
Fun With Puzzles Index Page

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