Tents (Camp): T4 Puzzle

Water Fun: W3 Puzzle

Water Fun: W2 Puzzle

Argio Logic: Classic Sudoku Contest April 2012

Puzzle Fountain: Classic Puzzle Championship #37

Online UK Open Puzzle/Sudoku Championships 28th April to 6th May, 2012

Tents (Camps): T3 Puzzle

World Puzzle/Sudoku Championship 2012 Location Announced

Mental Calculation World Cup 2012

Argio Logic: Sudoku Variants Contest April 2012

Water Fun: Puzzle W1

Tents (or Camp) Puzzles: T2

XV Sudoku (Fun With Sudoku #240) Puzzle Answer

Magnets: M1

Sym-a-Pix (Galaxy) Puzzle Tutorial: Conceptis Puzzles

Killing Time : 14-16 April 2012: Logic Masters India Sudoku Test

Polygraph: P3

Psycho Killer: P1

Akkara Snake: A2

Diogen April Puzzle Contest

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