Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Browser Add-on Troubleshooting

This post is to troubleshoot any problems with the BROWSER EXTENSIONS and ADD-ONS which I created for puzzles, games, crosswords and Sudoku solving.

No Firefox Extension Button anywhere

Check if Add-on is Enabled: 
First check if add-on is enabled or not. Go to Tools->Add-ons->Extensions. See if the Add-on is enabled here or not. If not do enable this add-on. 

Check on Toolbars: These broswer add-on buttons will either show on Add-on Toolbar or Navigational toolbar. 

Check if the button is there on add-on toolbar. Go to  View->Toolbars and see if Add-on button is checked here.

If not on Add-on bar, button will appear on Navigation Toolbar. If one does not find it on this toolbar then follow the procedure below. 

Sometime after installing firefox extension if one does not see installed extension button either or "Navigation Toolbar" or "Add-on Bar" then one can find it in the "Customize tollbar" as explained below

Go to "Customize toolbar" (View -> Toolbars -> Customize....). You will see the installed button here. Just drag and drop this button on the Navigation Toolbar where you want this button to get appear.

If you are not able to add the extension manually via "Customize toolbar", because the icon seems not to be there although you have installed the extension, try this:

Sometimes, the icon is hidden somehow. Try to look under customize toolbars for an "invisible icon". That's a space with no icon, but the cursor turns into a hand when hovering over it. Drag that "space" onto your toolbar. Maybe this works and Firefox extension button has been added now.

Try a fresh Firefox profile

If this won't do the trick your profile may be corrupted. Try to start Firefox with a new profile (Windows: Press Win+R, type the following firefox.exe -P and hit enter to run FF). Now create a new Firefox profile and install Firefox Extensions in the new profile, to make sure, that your normal profile is not corrupted and somehow suppresses these extensions

For a more detailed description on creating a new profile, see

Moreover I have created same extensions and Add-on for different browser. In case you are using other browser also you can try corresponding add-on or extension for that browser. Check other browser add-on at below link

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  1. No add-on buttons anywhere.....

  2. Why would you write an add-on which has so much trouble doing something as basic as creating a button to activate it? I tired all but the last method. Why should I have to jump through so many hoops just for a solitaire game?