Sunday, March 23, 2014

Find The Error In This Picture Riddle: Pyramid Solitaire

This is very interesting but very hard error finding picture riddle. This puzzle image contains the snapshot of Pyramid Solitaire Card Game. However there is one error in this picture. You are genius in case you are able to find the error in this picture?
It is very interesting picture riddle to find error in the given pyramid solitaire picture
Can you find the error in this picture?

Answer of this "Find The Error In This Picture Riddle", can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


  1. Replies
    1. We found that these are working fine. Please do let us know any issue you are facing with these games. It will help us to identify any potential problems.

    2. Again...after the "Ad" times out, no game presents itself to play. Why does this happen?

    3. ...hours later, still no game after the ad and no reply.
      I'll quit trying.

    4. Here are few things which you can try.
      1. Check that Flash is installed in the browser and its is the latest version.
      2. In case it still does not work, try changing the browser and try it again.

      Do let us know if this worked?

  2. I never thought that it might be the Flash that is out of date, so I updated it. But even with that, there is still no game to play after the ad ends.

    I use Mozilla Firefox browser. It's the only one I want to use. My favorite card game, Pyramid Solitaire has always run on Firefox, so the problem must be something at your end.

    Waiting to learn more...

    1. On Chrome it works fine. However on Mozilla Firefox it shows the blank page. But after clicking on the blank page Browser ask for permission to run Flash and then it is able to start the game without any problem. Try this and see if this works.

  3. I won't use Chrome either.

    1st attempt this a.m. showed a black window again after the ad ended. However, I tried again a couple of hours later - and what do you know...the game actually opened!

    I don't want to close the tab for fear it won't work right the next time I try, so I'll wait until I'm ready to shut down for the day before I test it again. Until then, I'll play on while waiting for other programs to do what they do. I use this game like chewing gum for my mind. Heh!

    Go figure...


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