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Brain and Eye Twister Picture

There are few Mind Twister Images which I wanted to post. Earlier I though to publish it in a single post. However these Brain and Eye Twister Images are gif files and so each file size is quite high. This high file size leads to slow loading the the page. So I decided to post these pictures not more than three as of now. So in next few days I will be posting these brain and eye twister pictures.

Next Brain Twister Image is of waves. This picture can be used to increase communication between your left and right brain and thus leading to increase in concentration. Try concentrating on the moving center of this picture and after sometime you will feel something is moving inside your head. After looking at this image for sometime, once you look outside you will feel the things moving in a wavy motion like this mind twister image. Try it out. 

Brain and Eye Twister Picture of Waves
Brain and Eye Twister Picture of Waves

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