Friday, April 21, 2017

Can You Guess the Place By a Picture of It?

Can You Guess the Place By a Picture of It?
Guessing the place name by just looking at it makes very good visual puzzle. In these kind of puzzles, the picture of the place is given and one has to guess this place along with city and country name. All the pictures used in this places quiz are taken from Wikipedia.
Today I am posting few of the "Guess the Place by Picture Puzzle". In these five fun puzzles, picture of different tourist places are given. So you have to guess not only the place but also the city and country in which this tourist point?

Answers of these picture puzzles are given at the end of this post along with the link to the place for more information.
Guess The Place Picture Puzzle-1
1. Can you guess this historical place?

Guess The Place Picture Puzzle-2
2. Can you guess the location of this Lotus?

Guess The Place Picture Puzzle-3
3. Do you know where is this place?

Picture Puzzle in which your challenge is to guess the place
4. Can you guess this place?

Guess the Place Puzzle to test your memory
5. Can you name is world famous place?

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Below are the answers of these Puzzles. Links to the wikipedia are provided for more information on these tourist places. 
Theme of today's "Guess the Places by Picture" Riddles was North India. All of these tourist places are part of Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi in India with exact place link given below for more information.



Here is answer to 6th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Easy Mathematical Brain Teasers with answers For Kids and Teens to Challenge your Brain".
We have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.

Answer is 79.
IF AB=CD = ? then answer is (A+B)(C+D)

So 34 = 72 => (3+4)(7+2) = 79


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