Real Life Math Problems for Middle School Students

Real Life Math Problems for Middle School Students with Answers

Mathematics helps us to solve our daily life problems. Our day will not pass without solving many of the mathematics problems and without doing math calculations. Today I am going to post some of the real-life problems that can be solved by mathematics. Many of these problems we may have come across in our daily lives.

Try not to use a calculator while solving these math questions. It will be great if you can solve these problems in your mind without even using a pen or pencil. These math problems require knowledge of basic mathematical operations. Answers to these Math riddles are given at the end of this post. Please put your answers in the comment section of this post.

Q1. Sudeep walks at 6km/h for 3hr and 10km/h for 5hr. What is his average speed?

Q2. If the sum of two numbers is 7 and their product is 12. Find the numbers?

Q3. How many multiples of 5 lie between 12 and 254?

Q4. The ratio between the speeds of two trains is 8: 9. If one train runs 720 km in 9 hours, then what is the speed of the second train?

Q5. If a person bought a TV for Rs. 35,000. and sold it after two years for Rs 27000. Find the loss or gain on his deal?

Q6. Rahul’s mother is 25 years older than him, and the product of their age 5 years from now will be 350. Find their present ages.

Q7. Find the least number which is exactly divisible by each of the numbers 12, 16, and 24.

Q8. One liter of petrol costs Rs. 30. What is the cost of 35 liters of petrol?

Q9. Find the area of a square whose each side is 14m.

Q10. An airplane covers 5456 km in an hour how much distance will it cover in 5 hours.

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Hidden Answers to these mathematical problems are given below. Please select the text between the numbers to watch out for the corresponding answer.
A1. 8.5 km/h
       Average speed = total distance / total time
       Total Distance Travelled=6x3+10x5=68km 
       Total Time taken=3+5=8hours           
       Average speed = 68/8= 8.5km/hour
       Avg speed  = 8.5km/h

A2. x=3,4.  y=4,3

X+y=7, ....(1), 
XY= 12, x=12/y, substituting the value of x in (1) we have.
12/y+y= 7
(y-4) ( y-3) =0
Y =4, y=3, and x=3,4.

A3.   48
The first number that is a multiple of 5 between 12 and 254  = 15, 
The last number is a multiple of 5 between 12 and 254  = 250.
So here,
an ( initial term)= 15,
an= 250, d ( common difference)= 5 according to A.P formula
an= a+ (n-1)d

250= 15+(n-1)5
250-15=( n-1)5

235 /5 = n-1,   n-1= 47

n=47+1=48, Hence there are 48 multiples of 5 that lie between 12 and 254,

A4.   90km/h

Speed of first train/speed of the second train = 8/9
720 /9/ speed of the second train = 8/9
80/ speed of the second train = 8/9
Speed of second train= 9x80/8= 90 km /h.

A5. Loss= 8000

Cost Price (C.P) of TV=   35000
Selling Price (S.P) of TV= 27000

We know if C.P > S.P it is a loss
Therefore Loss= C.P- S.P= 35000- 27000= 8000 RS.

A6. 5 and  30

Let us suppose Rahul’s present age = x
                         Mother’s age      =   x+25

Five years from now, Rahul's age     =    x+5
                                   Mother age =  x+30

x²+5x+30x+ 150 = 350
x²+35x+150 = 350
x²+35x -200 =0
x(x+40) – 5( x+40)=0
x=-40, x=5, Taking only positive value, we have

Rahul's age is 5  years and the mother’s present age is 30 years. 

A7. 48

    The least number is divisible by  12, 16, and 24.= L.C.M of  12, 16, and 24= 48.

A8.  1050

       Cost of One liter of petrol = 30
       Cost of 35 liters of petrol     =  30x 35=  1050

A9. 196 sqm

         Side of square = 14m
         Area of square = side x side
         Area= 14x14= 196 sq m

A10.  27280 km
              Distance covered by airplane in one hour = 5456 km
               Distance covered by airplane in 5 hours  =  5456 x 5
                                                                          = 27280 km


G said...

The sum of 3 and 4 is -3?

Rajesh Kumar said...

You are right. Sum of 3 and 4 is 7. We have corrected the puzzle statement. Thanks for your inputs.

Unknown said...

Please check your answer to the question 4. I think the speed of the first train is 90km/h therefore the speed of the second train cannot be 90km/h.

Rajesh Kumar said...

You are right. There was one mistake in the statement which was making the speed of first train as 90 km/h. I have changed the statement of make it correct which will lead to the speed of the first train as 80km/h and therefore the speed of the second train will be 90 Km/h.
Thanks for posting your comment and helping us to correct the error in these puzzles.

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This is about maths problems

Anonymous said...

Sudeep walks at 6km/h for 3hr and 10km/h for 5hr. What is his average speed?

Average speed is total distance/total time.

In this case, the total distance traveled was 18 km for the first 3 hours and 50 km for the next 5 hours. That would make the average speed 68 km/8 hours = 8.5 km/hr, which makes sense because his average speed would be in between the two different rates at which he walks.

Fun With Puzzles said...

You are right. We have corrected the answer to the 1st puzzle. Thanks for finding the mistakes in our puzzles and making this site better.

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Gracias, me gustaría encontrar más problemas matemáticos.

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