Will You Crack the Code? Puzzles with Answers

Can you crack the code? puzzles with answers
Recently I received on message on Whatsapp with puzzle named as crack the code to open the lock. In which some statements are given along with numbers. One has to logical come up with the correct code which will open the lock. These are logical puzzles. Do check out Mathematical Crack the Code to open the lock puzzles.
These puzzles reminded me of the famous Cow and Bull game which is also known with the name "Mastermind". This is a two-player game. In this game, one player will think of a four-digit number and another player will try to guess this four-digit number. If the digits told by the second player is correctly placed in its position then it is called a bull. If the number is not correctly placed in its position it is called a cow. After 2nd player tell the guess number, 1st player will tell how many cow and bulls are there in that number and this procedure is repeated again and again till the 2nd player is able to guess the number correctly i.e. he is able to get all bulls. The aim of the game is the get the number which 1st player has thought in minimum tries. I found this brain teaser very nice and created the few following puzzles.
In all these following puzzles, There are some statements given along with the 3 digit number. One has to study the given statements along with the numbers and has to come up with the logical conclusion to find the correct 3 digit number which opens the lock. 
Answers of each of these Crack the code puzzles are given at the end. Try not to look at the answer before you have finally come up with the code:)

Crack the code riddle
1. Crack the code riddle

Mastermind Game Brain Teaser
2. Mastermind Game Brain Teaser

Cow and Bulls game puzzle
3. Cow and Bulls game puzzle

Crack the Code Puzzle Question
4. Crack the Code Puzzle Question
Can you crack the 3 digit code and open the lock?
5. Crack the Code Brain Teaser

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>> Unknown said...

First answer145

>> Unknown said...

i dont get it

>> Brendt Kieffer. said...

#1 : 145.
#2 : 205.
#3 : 118.
#4 : 682.
#5 : 315.

>> Unknown said...


>> Rajesh Kumar said...

Please let me know if something is not clear in this crack the code puzzles?

>> Rajesh Kumar said...

Great. Please crack the code for other puzzles too and post your comments and feedback.

>> Rajesh Kumar said...

Great. Hope you enjoyed the crack the code puzzles. Please share it with your family and friends, so that they can also enjoy this puzzle test.

>> Rajesh Kumar said...

It will be great if you can write down the puzzle number for which you cracked this code?