3D Paintings on Wall

Three-dimensional wall paintings are actually two-dimensional drawings done on the wall to give you a 3D optical illusion look from a certain angle. These are wonderful breathtaking paintings once you get the angle right. These 3D Paintings are getting very much popularity nowadays. Some of these paintings are done on the open street to give a realistic 3-dimensional look is called 3D Street Art. Some of the brands are also trying to use these 3D paintings to give a push to their advertisement campaigns. 
Recently we could experience this 3D Painting Art in our City. Thanks to IONA Entertainment for bringing #SelfieMuseum to Bangalore where we could first-time experience this 3D creative artwork. 
Here we are posting some of the photographs taken in the SelfieMuseum, the 3D Art Museum. As the file size is quite high, we will be posting some more photographs on different pages later. Do post your comments are visit this Selfie Museum to see these paintings coming to action :)

Selfie with monkey 3d art painting
Selfie with monkey 3d art painting

3d Magic Art paining of crocodile
3d Magic Art painting of a crocodile

3d Magic Art paining of horse
3d Magic Art painting of the horse

3d Art Paining of Charles Chaplin
3d Art Painting of Charles Chaplin

3d Art Paining of Adam, Eve and Apple
3d Art Painting of Adam, Eve, and Apple

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