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Friday, February 9, 2018

Tricky Maths Mind Game Brain Teasers with Answers and Explanations

Tricky Maths Mind Game Brain Teasers with Answers and Explanations
When it comes to Fun Brain Teasers, Math Brain Teasers are very interesting brain teasers in which puzzle questions are based upon on mathematical operations. In such Maths Mind Games, few numbers are given in some sequence or around a particular shape. These numbers relates to each other with some maths formula or mathematical operations. One has to find this hidden relationship among these numbers and then solve it for the missing numbers. Today's mind games are based upon two parallel number sequences. 
In these Maths Mind Games, two parallel sequences of numbers are given. These numbers follows some sequential patterns or some logical or mathematical relationship. Do find this patterns in these puzzles and find the missing numbers at the end which will replace the question marks.
Answers and explanations of these Math Mind Games are given at the end of this post. Utilize these answers to only validate your solutions. In case you find some different solution to any of these Math Mind Game Puzzle Question, do write about it in the comments section along with your reasoning to solve these puzzles. It will be ingesting to find some different logic to solve these Maths Mind Games. :) 

math mind game brain teaser which will crack your brain
1. Can you solve it for missing number?

Mind bending math mind game brain teaser
2. Can you find the missing numbers?

Mind teasing math mind game brain teaser
3. Find the missing numbers in this puzzle

Mind twisting math mind game brain teaser
4. Can you find the missing numbers? 

Tricky math mind game brain teaser
5. Can you solve this puzzle to find missing numbers?

These tricky Maths Mind Game Brain Teasers, tested both your Mathematical skills as well as Logical Reasoning. Do try out below mentioned puzzles and brain teasers to further test your Maths and Logical skills.

List of Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Answers of Tricky Maths Mind Game Brain Teasers

Answer to these Tricky Math Mind Game Brain Teasers are given as below. First number in the answer is for the upper row and second number is for the row below.

A1. 0 and 9
In each column, square each number separately and subtract the smaller number from bigger number to get the next column number written from up to down.

A2. 0 and 4
In each of the column multiply both the numbers and add 4 to get next column numbers written up to down.

A3. 2 and 6
Multiple the column digits and unit's place of the result gives the upper number in the next column. Now multiply this upper number in next column with the lower number in previous column. Again the units place number of the multiplication results gives in the lower number in next column.

A4. 0 and 4
In each of the column, multiple both the numbers with smaller number being added 1 before multiplication to given the next column numbers written up to down.

A5. 0 and 0
Multiply column numbers to get the next column digits written top to bottom.


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    1. Please do post your answers in case your answers differs. It will be interesting to know the different logic to solve these puzzles. Do let us know for which question you are looking for the explanation, we will post the logic for that question soon?

    2. We have now added logical explanation for each of the answer. Do post your comments in case you got different reasoning for any of these brain teasers.


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