Eye Test Puzzles: Spot the Hidden Letters and Numbers

Picture Puzzle to find three B's in pattern of letter R
1. Can you find hidden letters B in this picture?

This article contains the 5 eye test puzzles. In these picture riddles, your challenge is spotting the hidden letters and numbers in the puzzle images.

Do you have an eagle eye to find the hidden letters in the group of other letters? Sometimes if we put a letter in a group of other letters, this letter becomes part of the group and becomes very difficult to find it. There are many different types of puzzles that can be created based on this visual puzzle category. However, finding the hidden letter 'C' is most popular among other such puzzles. Here are some puzzles in which one has to find the given hidden letters in these picture puzzles. This is your eye test to find the different letters in each of the puzzles.

How to Solve Eye Test Puzzles

In these brain teasers, one has to find a hidden letter in a group of other letters. There may be more than one occurrence of the same hidden letter. The number of times a particular letter is hidden in the group is given at the top of each puzzle. Try to find these letters in one scan of the picture only.

These are the tough puzzles that I created for adults. However, I have seen that kids and teens have very good observation power and can solve these puzzles faster than adults. So while solving these puzzles do sit with your friends and all try to find these letters to compete with each other. Post your comments if you can find these hidden letters and also share them with your friends and family so that they can also have fun with these puzzles. How many scans of the picture are needed to solve these puzzles correctly?

In the next puzzle, there is only one hidden 8. However, it is very difficult to find it in just one scan. Can you find it very quickly?

Picture Puzzle to find hidden 8 in pattern of 9
2. Can you find the hidden 8 in this picture puzzle?

In the next puzzle, many Cs (more than 5) are hidden in this picture. It will be very difficult to find all of these hidden Cs. You are a genius if you can find 6 Cs in just one scan of this text which contains a group of Os?

Can you find hidden Cs in this picture puzzle?
3. How many hidden Cs can you find in this picture puzzle?

Next, both puzzles are going to be very tough. Try these puzzles only if you have solved the previous three puzzles with ease. Here in this, there is a pattern of Os, and one 0 is hidden in these patterns. This hidden 0 looks quite different in the next puzzle but it looks very similar in the next puzzle. So this 4th puzzle is easier than the last puzzle. Do try to last puzzle only if you find a different letter in the next puzzle.

Finding which letter is different from others in similar looking pattern puzzle
4. Can you find which letter is different in this picture?

The last puzzle is very tough and it is the test of your observation skills and your eyes. You have very good observation and visual skills if you can pass this eye test. Let us see if you can find the different letters in the below brain teaser?

Spot the Hidden Letters and Numbers: Eye Test Puzzle-5
5. Can you find which letter is different in this similar-looking pattern?

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Unknown said...

What is the answer for 5th listed puzzle

Rajesh Kumar said...

You can check the answers to all these puzzles at the link provided after the last puzzle. Please let me know if something is not clear.

Unknown said...

I too couldn’t find the different number, you sure there is one!