Can You Find Odd Letter Out?

Picture Puzzles to find the odd letter out
When we posted Odd One Out Letters Quiz for Kids, many people wanted more such puzzles. So we created a few more puzzles in which one has to find the Odd Letter out among the given letters. However previous puzzles were easy puzzles as that puzzles we created for kids. Today's Odd Letter Out Puzzles are tough and some of the puzzles may require out-of-box thinking! Also do check other visual Odd One Out puzzles that are related to Pictures Odd One Out, Numbers Odd One Out, or Mathematical Odd One Out Puzzles.
In each of these Odd Letter Out puzzle, a set of letters are provided. Each of the letters has something common with another letter except for one letter. One has to find out what is common property among each of these letters and which letter is Odd One Out which does not follow this property.
Answers to these picture puzzles along with the explanations are given at the end. However, you may found a different answer with different reasoning. So you are welcome to post your answers with reason in the comment section of this post. There may be some puzzles which may contain different answer because of different reason. So it will be interesting to read our viewer's reasoning to solve these puzzles.

Odd Letter Out Picture Puzzle for Kids
1. Can you find Odd Letter Out?

Kids Picture Puzzle to find Odd One Out
2. Can you find Odd Letter Out in the given Group of Letters

Odd Letter Out hard picture puzzle
3. Can you find which letter is different from others?

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle for teens
4. Can you find which is Odd Letter Out?

Tough Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
5. Can you find Odd Letter in this Picture Puzzle?

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Answers of Odd Letter Odd Picture Puzzles
1) A
Because it is the only vowel among the given letters.

2) O
Because it is the only one which has an enclosed area.

3) C
Because it is the only one that has curves. All others have only straight lines

4) F
Because all other letters are symmetrical to a horizontal axis.

5) L
Because it contains two straight lines while the others need three straight lines to construct.


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