Great and Mighty Optical Illusions

Great and Mighty Optical Illusions
Our mind is a very powerful machine. It can process information beyond our imagination. Can our minds be tricked? Yes, Optical Illusion is one way where our mind gets tricked and it will make us see the things which either do not exist or the things which are different from reality. Here are a very nice and interesting collection of optical illusions. Let's see how many of these Optical Illusions are able to trick your mind?

It’s a simple one. How many pencils are there? There are clearly seven… what, wait! Six? No. So how many?
Great Optical Illusion-Pencils
Can you count the number of Pencils?

How many colors do you see? Most people see four colors: green, blue, and 2 shades of pink.
Great Optical Illusion-Colors
How many colors are there in this optical illusion?

These two birds are identical, not only in size but in color too. Can you believe it!!!
Great Optical Illusion-Same Colors
Can you see the color of birds is exactly the same in this optical illusion?

Which of these two dots is in the true center of the circle?

Great Optical Illusion-Center Dot
Which Dot is the center of the Circle? Green or Red?

The answer to the above Optical Illusion is Green is the center. Do you believe it? If not, try to find it out and you will be surprised!!!

Can you tell which of these lines is longer? Test them with a ruler or a piece of paper -- you may be surprised.

Great Optical Illusion-Helicopter
Which line is bigger in this optical Illusion?

Do check out more Optical Illusions are some of the very interesting brain teasers as mentioned below
List of Cool Optical Illusions and Interesting Picture Puzzles

1. Nice and Simple Optical Illusions: It contains very nice yet simple optical illusions which will make you look again and again at the given pictures.

2. Brain Twisting Optical Illusion of Spinning Cat: This is one of the best optical illusions, I have ever seen. This is a moving optical illusion. In this optical illusion, a cat is spinning. Your mind will be tricked to see this cat moving in clockwise or anti-clockwise at different points in time. 

3. 3 Dimensional Paintings on Wall: Checkout 3 D paintings which are in fact done on the wall with 2D graphics. However, if we view these paintings from a specific angle then these paintings will look 3 dimensional. 

4. Picture Puzzles of Rotating Gears with Answers: After looking at all these Optical Illusions, now it's time to solve some visual puzzles in which your challenge is to tell the direction of a particular gear when another connecting gear is moved in a specific direction. 

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