Quotes!! Can You Read These Upsides Down?

quotes by famous people which are upside down
Upside down reading makes it a very interesting reading challenge. Similar to upside-down reading other reading challenges are very interesting to solve. e.g. reading challenge to read backward where one has to read backward. Another interesting reading challenge is blurred text reading in which text is blurred and one has read it correctly. Similarly, one more interesting challenge is encrypted text reading in which text is scrambled in a word and one has to read it correctly. All these mentioned challenges are easy challenges when it comes to upside down and backward reading challenges. In this challenge, one has to read not only upside down but also backward which makes it a very tough and interesting reading challenge. Do check out all these reading challenges and also previously published a backward reading challenge.
In the backward reading challenge, one has to read upside down. Here are the five quotes by famous personalities. However, these quotes are turned upside down. Can you read these quotes upside down as fast as possible?
Do post your comments about what you could read in these picture puzzles?

Can you read this upside down message?
1. Can you read this message?

Can you read this quote upside down?
2. Can you read this quote?

A test to read if you can read upside down.
3. This is a test if you can read this?

You mind is awesome if you read this.
4. You can read this if you are awesome

Are you smart enough to read this?
5. You can read this if you are smart

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