Can Your Brain Read Scrambled Words?

Can your brain read scrambled words?
Can your brain read the scrambled word? Our brain is very powerful, it can still read if the letters of the word are scrambled. Earlier we have posted many encrypted text reading challenges. In all of these scrambled words, reading challenges all but the last and first letter of the word are scrambled. In all these reading challenges our brain could read it easily. However, today's reading challenge is very tough scrambled word reading challenge.
In these challenges, there are famous motivational quotes by famous people. All letters or the words in each quote are scrambled included first and last letter of the word. Your challenge is to read all these quotes.
Can you read these scrambled word quotes in the first attempt? If it is difficult to read these quotes in the first attempt, try reading it slowly word by word. We have given the name of the people who have written these quotes in each of these brain teaser pictures. Do write in the comment if you are able to read these quotes.
Intelligent reading riddle to twist your mind
1. An intelligent reading riddle to twist your mind

Picture Puzzle challenge in which you have to read scrambled words
2. Can you mind read these scrambled words?

Can you read this message?
3. Can you read this message?

If you can read this then you are smart
4. If you can read this then you are smart

Picture Reading Challenge Puzzle to prove that you have strong mind
5. If you can read this you have a strong mind

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Excellent&a boost to my morale,finding that I can do htem

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