Hidden Meaning Word Puzzles with Answers

Hidden Meaning Word Puzzles with Answers
Rebus Puzzles are very much interesting word puzzles. In these puzzles, there is hidden meaning in the given picture images and your challenge is to find this hidden meaning. These hidden meanings in most of these rebus puzzles are English phrases or English Idioms. So to solve the hidden meaning word puzzles, you need to have the knowledge of the English language. These puzzles are an extension of previously published Hidden meaning Rebus Brain Teasers.

How to solve Hidden Meaning Word Puzzles
In these word puzzles, some words are given in each of the picture puzzle images. These words contain some hidden meaning. Your challenge is to find these hidden meaning in each of these rebus puzzles.
Let's see how many these hidden meanings you can find without looking at the answers?
Hidden meaning Rebus puzzle
1. Can you find the hidden meaning in this picture puzzle?

Hidden Meaning word puzzle
2. Can you solve this to find the hidden meaning in this picture?

Picture Puzzle with Hidden Meaning
3. What is the hidden meaning of this rebus puzzle?

4. Find out what is the hidden meaning of this picture?

5. Try to find hidden meaning in this picture puzzle image?

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The answer to these hidden meaning word puzzles is given below. Try to find these hidden meanings by yourself and use these answers only to verify your solutions.
1. What Goes Up Must come down

2. 4 Leaf Clover


4. An inside Job

5. All in a day's work


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