Guest Post Guidelines

The guest posts are closed as of now for the Fun With Puzzles website as recently we got the submissions of the content which was generated using tools. However, if you are an expert in the subject that relates to our website and write the original content without using any AI tool, please follow the below-mentioned guidelines.
This website is dedicated to puzzles, brainteasers and riddles, and brain games. Content on this website is frequently promoted on linked social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. All these websites are linked to the same social media accounts.
Now we are looking for guest posts related to the following categories which match our present content.
Brain Teasers,
Riddles and
Maths Puzzles, 
Brain Games etc.
We will choose on which website your content can be posted depending on the quality of your written post.

Do Not Do List
No websites/apps/plugin reviews
No link to Google-banned sites
No Google Webmaster/AdSense policy violations
No links back to gambling or adult sites and any sites that are not suitable for kids.

Other guidelines for the guest posts,
  • The content should be unique and of high quality.
  • It should have at least 5 high-quality original images.
  • It should have a minimum of 1000 words in length.
  • The language of your article should be English (US) only.
  • Create at least one unique image for your content. This image will be shared with different social media accounts.
  • We will give you one rel=”nofollow usg sponsored” link.  The link, to the site being redirected, must have DA >=10 and the site should be related to the content on my website.
  • The copyright of the Post remains with us. No future requests for post-deletion will be accepted in any situation.
  • We reserve the right to edit your post to modify or include additional information.
  • If any policy violations are found, the content will be removed immediately. No excuses.
  • The content should be written by someone expert in the topic and it should not be generated using AI software.
  • If you are ready to proceed, Contact us and share your post ideas first. We will contact you shortly for the full content.
  • All the best.
  • Please note that we strictly don't publish any paid links. Writing a guest post on our website is free of charge if the above guidelines are followed.
  • Please also note that these guidelines keep on getting updated periodically. So your submitted content may get changed in the future to make it follow the latest guidelines without any communication from our end.
In case you are interested in a guest post, please contact us at the below-mentioned e-mail address. Your email must contain the following information. 
1. Site on which you would like to write the guest post.
2. Title of your post.
3. Sample Images that will be used in this article.
4. URL of the outgoing link.
Email must have the above-mentioned information to be considered for the guest post.
admin AT