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Simple Fun Brain Teasers for kids with Answers

Simple Fun Brain Teasers for kids with Answers
As a kid one used to think differently and then our education and environment changes our way to thinking. As kid one see the problem differently and out of box but as we grow up our knowledge sets our mind to a particular direction and it becomes very difficult to think out of box. Here are some puzzles made by my daughter Evanthe Gupta which kids will be able to solve very easily but adults will take lot more time than kids as knowledge makes to think about endless possibilities of simple problems. So lets solve this Simple Brain Teasers and see if you can beat kids in these puzzles?
Here are all types of Mixed Out of Box thinking Brain Teasers e.g. Mathematical, Logical, Picture Puzzles, Observational Puzzles, Rebus Puzzles and Word Brain Teasers. Kids will find these puzzles very easy to solve. However teens and adults may take lot of time solve these puzzles. Answers with explanation to these kids brain teaser are given at the end of this post.

Lets start with this Out of Box Thinking Brain Teaser which kids will be able to solve easily but it will take a lot of time for an adult or teens to solve this puzzle. Lets see how much time you take to solve this brain teaser?

If 8809=6, 1111=0, 9853=3 then 2581=?
1. Out of box thinking Riddle for kids

Next one is very interesting brain teaser which was asked from the kids in UK and most of them were able to answer this one quickly. See how much time you take to solve this quick kids brain teaser. I saw a moving bus and took picture. Challenge here is to tell in which direction the bus is moving looking at the picture of this bus as given below.
Out of Box Thinking Brain Teaser for kids
2. Can you tell in which direction this bus is moving?

Next Brain Teasers looks so simple if we give it for solving to a kid but I have to thought  for a long time while trying to solve this picture puzzle brain teaser. Lets see how much time you will take to solve this mind twister puzzle?
Kids Picture Puzzle Question
3. Kids Picture Puzzle Question

Next Kids Brain Teaser is very interesting puzzle in which one sentence is given and your challenge is to find the hidden animal name in this sentence. Can you find it out quickly?
Hidden Animal name Riddle for Kids
4. Hidden Animal name Riddle for Kids

Do check similar Hidden Country name Riddles in which your challenge to find the hidden country names in the given sentences.
Next Puzzle is Quick Mathematical Logical Brain Teaser in which some mathematical equations are given corresponding to picture and then your challenge is solve the last equation.
Kids' Maths Equations Brain Teaser
5. Can you solve this Maths' Equation Brain Teaser?

Do checkout similar Math Equations Brain Teasers in which some mathematical equations are given with picture variable objects. You have to find solve the last equation.
Next one is a Rebus puzzle in which your challenge is find the English Idiom represented by the given picture.
Simple Idiom Rebus Puzzle Question for Kids
6. Simple Idiom Rebus Puzzle Question for Kids
Checkout similar Easy Rebus Puzzles for Kids for further challenges. 
Next one is Who am I? quick fun puzzle in which one statement is given and you challenge is to find the object being mentioned in the statement.
I have teeth, but  I don’t bite.  Who am I ?
7. Can you guess Who am I?
Checkout similar Who am I? puzzles and brain teaser and keep challenging your mind.

Answers of Kids Brain Teasers

1. Click here to check answer of this out of box thinking brain teaser.

2. If in your country it is left hand drive then bus is moving to right direction and if it is right hand drive then bus is moving to left direction. Suppose bus is moving to other direction then one will see the door to enter the bus which is not seen in this picture.

3) "I want Banana" is what monkey says. Follow the pattern of marking letter after skipping 3 letters then then read the marked letters to know what monkey wants!!!

4) Goat

5) Each grape is worth 25. So 3 grapes are worth 75.

6) An Apple of my Eyes.

7) Comb

Here is answer to 7th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers to Challenge your Mind". I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.
7. The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry.


  1. 2581 = 2

    Took me...20 seconds?

  2. could you explain

    1. I have updated link to answer with explanation for this puzzle. Please do check it and let me know if still there is any doubt?

    2. The number of loops in the number=the answer.My Pr.I.D.E. teacher gave the class this one,took me forever but I got it.

    3. The first one took me a minute or so to solve. Each number combination with a number next to it either had the number 6 or a way to link the number six a certain number of times. The one needing to be solved had no number 6 in it, but it had 2 possible outcomes to mathematically get the number six. Resuls: the answer is 2


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