Simple Outside the Box Thinking Brain Teasers and Answers

These simple brain teasers are designed for kids. In fact, some of these puzzles are created by young minds. An interesting fact about these brain challenges is that a kid will be able to solve these puzzles easily. However, for educated teens or adults, one will require outside-the-box thinking to solve these picture riddles. It means that you need to think like a kid to solve these simple brain teasers. Let's see how many of these critical thinking puzzles you can crack at the 1st attempt!

If 9999=4, 8809=6, 1111=0, 5698=4, 4501=2, 3333=0, 7609=3, 1698=4, 9853=3, 5555=0 then 2581=?. Can you solve this Out of box thinking Riddle?
1. Simple Brain Teasers: Out of box thinking Riddle

Here's an intriguing brain teaser that was quickly solved by kids. Test your skills with this quick kids' brain teaser and assess how much time you require to tackle it. 

Out of Box Thinking Brain Teaser: Find the bus moving direction.
2. Simple Brain Teasers: Find the Bus Moving Direction

The forthcoming brain teasers might appear deceptively simple when presented to children, yet adults take time to solve these simple brain teasers. Let's see how much time it will take to solve these challenging puzzles.

Simple Brain Teasers: Kids Picture Puzzle Question
3. Simple Brain Teasers: Kids Picture Puzzle Question

Simple Brain Teasers: Hidden Animal Name Riddle for Kids
4. Simple Brain Teasers: Hidden Animal Name Riddle

Simple Brain Teasers: Kids Maths Equations Brain Teaser
5. Simple Brain Teasers: Maths' Equation Brain Teaser?

Apple of my Eyes: Rebus Puzzle
6. Simple Brain Teasers: Rebus Puzzle Question for Kids


I have teeth, but  I don’t bite.  Who am I ?
7. Simple Brain Teasers: Can you guess 'Who am I'?

Be sure to explore akin "Who am I?" puzzles and brain teasers to continually stimulate and challenge your cognitive faculties.

Answers to Kids' Brain Teasers


Scott said...

2581 = 2

Took me...20 seconds?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Yes, you are correct

Fighter said...

Good one

Anonymous said...

could you explain

Rajesh Kumar said...

I have updated link to answer with explanation for this puzzle. Please do check it and let me know if still there is any doubt?

Anonymous said...

The number of loops in the number=the answer.My Pr.I.D.E. teacher gave the class this one,took me forever but I got it.

Unknown said...

The first one took me a minute or so to solve. Each number combination with a number next to it either had the number 6 or a way to link the number six a certain number of times. The one needing to be solved had no number 6 in it, but it had 2 possible outcomes to mathematically get the number six. Resuls: the answer is 2