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Out of Box Thinking Fun Brain Teasers with answers to Challenge your Mind

Engage in critical thinking puzzles, fun brain teasers, and riddles. Sharpen your problem-solving skills and enjoy these captivating mental challenges.

There are many types of brain teasers that are very much fun to solve. However, there are a few brain teasers in which one has to think out of the box to solve these riddles. Today we are posting a few of these fun brain teasers which will challenge your mind and will require out-of-box thinking. This post is the continuation of my previous post for brain teasers titled "Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens, and Adults with Answers to Challenge Your Mind". These brain teasers are for all age groups. Everyone from kids to teens and adults will enjoy these brain teasers. Some of these brain teasers are Mathematical Brain Teasers. Some are Logical Brain Teasers. Some brain teasers require knowledge of the English language. None of the brain teasers is to test your knowledge. However, most of these brain teasers are challenging and require out-of-box thinking.

None of these brain teasers is interlinked with each other. So if you don't like any particular brain teaser, you can skip to the next brain teaser. I have provided answers and links to each of these brain teasers. Let us see how many of these brain teasers you can solve without looking at the answers.

Let's start with the tough one. This one most of the people failed to answer correctly. This brain teaser definitely requires outside-the-box thinking.

1. If
12 --> 6
6 --> 3
3 --> 5
5 --> ? and
4 --> ?

This brain teaser is related to the game of Cricket. If you love playing cricket, then you are definitely going to love this one. If someone does not know about this game, can skip over to the next one.

2. If in a game of Cricket all ten batsmen got clean bold in consecutive balls, starting with the first ball of the game, then which number of batsman remains not out?

The next one is Mathematical and Logical Brainteasers. It means that it requires some Mathematically calculations as well as Logical conclusions to solve this brain teaser

3. Find the value of XX in the following matrix
XX = ??

4. Again this one is Mathematical Brain Teaser. I could not solve it immediately and took some time to understand it and solve it. However many people will be quickly able to solve this one.
6-25 = ? and
3-81 = ?

5. Next one is the English language brain which I found quite interesting. One has to find which word represents X?
1. X is a 7-letter word,
2. X is impossible for GOD,
3. Newborn babies like X better than milk,
4. The poor have X and
5. The rich look for X from the poor,
6. If u eat X u will die,
7. X is more important than your life.
I swear I will give u X if u get the answer.
What is X??

6. This one is a very interesting fun brain teaser. Many people will immediately be able to answer this one. Let us see how much time you take to solve this funny brain-teaser?
Half circle, full circle, half circle, A.
Half circle, full circle, right angle A.
What am I ???

7. This one requires some mathematical calculations. It looks easy but still, many people are unable to answer this one.

One girl Sita buys a box when she is 20 years old. On the day of every birthday of her, she will put $250 in this box. She is having one little sister Pooja. On Pooja's birthday, she will remove $50 from the same box to give a gift to her sister. Sita dies at the age of 60. When the box is opened after her death it contains only $500. How?

8 This one is for all brainy people. I have to think a lot before finding answers to this Brain Teaser.
I am an 8-letter word
The first 4 is the question
2,3,4 protects our head
5,6,7 IT Company name
7&8 are the same letters.
Who am l?
I am giving you a hint beforehand that this is quite famous and most of us use it daily. Maybe some years later it may vanish from our memories.

9. Again this one is a tough brain teaser. For some people, it may click immediately. If it does not click immediately then it is going to take time to think about his brain teaser.
If AT=20
BAT=40 then
CAT=? and how?

For the following Brain Teasers, answers are given at the end of the post.
10. A boy took a lift in a car that one girl was driving. The boy asked the name of the girl to which she replied that her name is hidden in my car's number. Once the boy reached the destination, he noted down the number of the car which was 'WV733N'. What is the name of the girl?

This brain riddle will require some Outside the box thinking. See how much time you take without looking at the answer.
11. IF
Then 5555=?

This one is Fun Riddle.
12. You bury me when I'm alive,
You dig me up when I die.
What am I?

Fill in the blank for the following brain riddle
13. Rahul's father is Rajiv. Then Rajiv is the ______________ of Rahul's father.

Next brain teaser will take deep thinking to solve and find the answer. Not very difficult. However, it will take some time to solve this riddle.
14. Walk on the living, they don't even mumble.
But walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble.

The Following brain teaser is very tricky. It took me a lot of time to solve it. Interesting this was something we were using (eating/drinking) on an everyday basis)
15. A mother gives a gift to her son and says 'If you feel hungry eat it. If you feel thirsty drink it. If you feel cold burn it.'
What it is?

This one is a Funny Brain Teaser. You can skip this one if you can looking for some serious brain teasers.
16. What can you catch but not throw?

The next one is a twisted brain teaser which will require out-of-the-box thinking
17. I am the first on earth, the second in heaven. I appear two times a week. You can only see me once a year because I am in the middle of the sea. What am I?

This one looks similar to the previous brain teaser. However, the answer to this one will require quite different thinking.
18. What is it which comes once in year, twice in month, four times in a week, and six times in a day?

The next one is the tough brain teaser that I recently created. Let us see how much time you take to solve this brain teaser?
19. IF
OND = 11
UES = 22
EDN = 33
HUR = 44
RID = 55
UND =?

The next one is a very old brain teaser. This is a very interesting brain teaser with an interesting answer.

20. Once upon a time, an old man had one daughter and two sons. One day he called them and said his testament as follows: half of my horses to my daughter that she is the oldest, and one-third to my second son, and one-eighth to my youngest son. After the death of the man, the sons could not share horses. Because their father had twenty-three horses.
Now, you tell me how to solve this problem?

Let's move to Math Brain Teasers. Again some outside-the-box thinking is required to solve this fun riddle.

21. IF
1 x 1 = 1
2 x 2 = 4
4 x 4 = 6
5 x 5 = 5
7 x 7 = 9
9 x 9 = ?

Next one I liked the most. It has such a simple answer and definitely out of the box thinking will solve this riddle

22. If I give you 4 tablets which contain 2 for fever and 2 for the cold. All 4 have the same size, shape, and color, No cover i.e. all the physical appearances of these tablets are the same. Now you have to take 1 cold and 1 fever tablet right now. How will you choose correctly?

Answers to Critical Thinking Puzzles

5-->4 and
4 --> 4
The right number represents the number of letters of the left number when this number is written in English
e.g TWELVE -->6
SIX --> 3
THREE --> 5 etc.

It will be the 8th man.

When the first ball is bold, it is faced by the 1st number batsman and the 2nd number batsman is on the non-strikers' end. So after 6 balls are bold, batsman numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will be out. Now 8th batsman comes to bat and at the same time 1st over comes to an end to make the 2nd number batsman face the ball for the next over. Now 8th number batsman remains at the non-strikers' end to be not out at the end.

46 is the answer. Multiply the 2nd and 3rd numbers and add to it the square of the 1st number.

We have to find A-B=?
The answer to this series is Square of A - Square Root of B
So 6-25 = 36 - 5 = 31
and 3 - 81 = 9 - 9 = 0

1. NOTHING is a 7-letter word,
2. NOTHING is impossible for GOD,
3. Newborn babies like NOTHING better than milk,
4. the poor have NOTHING and
5. the rich look for NOTHING from the poor,
6. if u eat NOTHING u will die,
7. NOTHING is more important than your life. I swear I will give u NOTHING if u get d answer.

The answer is COCA-COLA

It is because she was born on February 29 so 1 birthday in 4 years. So she celebrated only 10 (40/4) birthdays. So 250*10= 2500 and on her sister's birthday she will take out 50 so 50*40 = 2000.
So 2500-2000 = 500.


I told in the hint that this is many of us use it every day and maybe in a few years something new will come and we all will forget this application. How many of us remember Orkut?

Answer: CAT=60

If we number English alphabets to numbers in sequence like A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on then T=20.
The answer to this puzzle is the multiplication of these numbers

Turn WV733N upside down to read the name. It will read NEELAM.

The answer is Y.
Add the numbers and write them in English. The last letter of the word written is the answer e.g. fouR, eighT, TwelvE, etc, and the answer Y of Twenty

The answer is Plant.

Answer is Name

The answer is leaves.

The answer to this Riddle is COCONUT. If you feel hungry a Coconut has a part that you can eat. If you feel thirsty a coconut has juice contents that have high ions for better rehydration. When you feel cold there is a part of a coconut that is good for burning and it turns into charred coal when totally burnt.

The answer is Cold

The answer is the letter e
I am the first on Earth, the second in hEaven. I appear two times a wEEk. You can only see me once a yEar because I am in the middle of the sEa.

The answer is the count of Odd numbers
Once in a year: A year is 12 months, and there is one odd number in 12 which is 1.
Twice in a month: There are about 4 weeks in a month, and there are two weeks marked by odd numbers, which are weeks 1 and 3
Four times in a week: 7 days in a week, and if you were to label the days of the week by number, then there would be 4 odd days 6 times in a day: Consider daytime to be 12 hours, and a half or 6 of the hours of the day would be odd 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 i.e. six numbers.

AnThe answers 77:
mONDay = 11, tUESday = 22, wEDNesday=33 etc. and sUNDay=77

12 - 8 - 3. The "issue" is that 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/8 = 23/24. So if we add one more it will make it divisible by all these given numbers. So this puzzle is solved as below.
They asked one wise man to help them. The wise man added one of his horses to the herd to get 24 horses in total and then easily completed the testament: daughter got exactly a half (12 horses), second son - exactly one-third (8 horses), and youngest son - exactly one-eighth (3 horses). One horse was left after this and the wise man got it as a "payment" for his help.

Answer is 1

The answer to this fun puzzle is the last digit of the multiplication result e.g.

4x4 = 16 and only the last digit of result 6 is considered.

Similarly, 7x7 = 49, and only the last digit 9 is taken.

Take a half tablet of each.


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