English Word Puzzles (Rebus Brain Teasers) with Answers

English Word Puzzles (Rebus) with answers
There are many different types of English Riddles or Puzzles that can be created. These Riddles range from "Who am I?" type of puzzles in which some statement is given and you have to guess the English word. There are also puzzles based upon English phrases and English Idioms. There are also puzzles based upon "Fill in the Blanks with missing vowels". Also, there are English Word puzzles in which one has to guess the given English phrase or idiom from the given picture. These puzzles are also called Rebus Puzzles which we are posting today. The only prerequisite to solving these puzzles is that one should know the English language.
How to solve Rebus Puzzles
In these English Word, Rebus Puzzles pictorial representation of English phrases or English Idioms is given in each of the puzzle pictures. Your challenge is to find the hidden meaning of each of these rebus puzzles.

English word puzzle question
1. Can you solve this Rebus Puzzle?

English Word rebus brain teaser
2. Can you find the hidden meaning in this rebus?

English word rebus puzzle
3. What is the hidden meaning of this rebus?

English word rebus riddle
4. Can you decipher the hidden meaning of this rebus puzzle?

English word rebus
5. What is represented by this Rebus Riddle?

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