Saturday, October 7, 2017

Can you find the mistake? (Picture Puzzles for Teens with answers)

Can you find the mistake Picture Puzzles for Teens with answers?
Can you find the mistake in these pictures? When I first time saw these pictures, it took me a while to find it out. Sometime our eyes are not able to catch the obvious mistakes and it tends to move ignoring these mistakes :). Do share it with your friends in case you are able to find mistake in these picture puzzles in less than one minute in at least two of these pictures? I have arranged these pictures in the order of difficulty with the first picture being easy one and in the last picture it looks like impossible to find the mistake. 
I have put the answers link for these puzzles at the end of this post. Please do put your answers in the comments. Also do post it in comments if answer to any of these brain teasers is not clear?

First one is the easiest one. In this picture one should be able to find the mistake immediately. Don't move to the next one till you are able to find the mistake in this picture.
Find the mistake brain teaser
1. Find the mistake brain teaser
If you are able to find the mistake in the previous brain teaser then move to the 2nd one. This one is more difficult than the previous one.
Picture Puzzle in which you will always read the given text wrong
2. Can You Find Mistake in this Picture Puzzle
Once you are able to find the mistake in both of the previous brain teasers then move to this one. This is the very difficult as compared to previous two and it may look nearly impossible to find mistake in this picture. However this is something wrong in this picture which is very difficult to find. Do post your comments in case you are able to find mistake in all these pictures. Also share it with your friends so that they are also enjoy these puzzles!! Do post in comments in case are you not able to find the mistake in this puzzle and want me to point it out?
Tough riddle to Find the mistake in picture
3. Tough riddle to Find the mistake in picture
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Many people has written back to us saying that 3rd one was very tough to find mistake in the given picture. So we created few more in which one has to find something different in the given picture puzzles. Can you solve the next one which is relative an easy puzzle?
Find Which is Odd One Out in This Picture Puzzle
4. Find Which is Odd One Out in This Picture Puzzle

Are you able to find Odd one out in the previous picture puzzle? If yes, then only move to the next one because this one is going to be very tough. This is similar to previous puzzle in which 0 is hidden between the pattern of Os. However it is very difficult to find this hidden 0. Can you find this different one in the next picture puzzle?
Finding the hidden Odd Letter Out Picture Puzzle
5. Can you find which Letter is Different from other in this picture?

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Here is answer to 7th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Out of Box Thinking Fun Brain Teasers with answers to Challenge your Mind". I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer. 
It is because she was born on February 29 so 1 birthday in 4 year. So she celebrated only 10 (40/4) birthdays. So 250*10= 2500 and on her sister's birthday she will take out 50 so 50*40 = 2000.
So 2500-2000 = 500.


  1. there is 2 'the' in 'can you find the mistake'


    1. 3rd one is very tough one. I have shared link to solution page for these puzzles.

    2. Only 4 coming four times (its number). Rest doesn't.

    3. En el tercer puzle, no se leen cuatro números 1, sino 1L1L. La letra 'l' en minúscula es similar al 1. Como se muestra en la imgen: 1l1l. Cambiando el tipo de letra se puede apreciar la diferencia.