Test Your Eyesight: Crazy Visual Puzzles with Answers

Crazy Puzzles which will Test your Eye Sight

Put your eyesight to the test with mind-boggling visual puzzles. Can you find the hidden letters in these crazy picture puzzles?

It's time to test your eyesight with the set of crazy puzzles. These puzzles are very similar to find the mistake puzzles. In "Find the Mistake Puzzles", there will be one mistake in the puzzle picture. Similar to these puzzles there will be one group of the set and one letter will be different in this set. Your challenge is to find out this hidden letter. Earlier we published similar puzzles like Eye Test Puzzles and Finding the C Puzzles. Please check out these puzzles too if you liked today's crazy puzzles.

How to Solve Crazy Visual Puzzles?

In these crazy picture puzzles, a group of a particular letter is given and in this group only one letter is different. One has to find this different letter. The letter that one has to find in the puzzle is mentioned at the top of each puzzle. In each of the puzzles, there are two different partitions and this different number can be found in any of these partitions.

Crazy puzzles are arranged in the order of their difficulty with 1st puzzle being the easiest one and the last puzzle being the toughest one among this group.

Finding Y in Group of X, Picture Puzzle
1. Can you find Y in this pattern of X?

Finding p in Group of q, Picture Puzzle
2. Can you find p in this pattern of q?

Hidden Letter Picture Puzzle
3. Can you find b in this pattern of h?

Finding g in Group of q, Picture Puzzle
4. Can you find g in this pattern of q?

Finding i in Group of t, Picture Puzzle
5. Can you find 'i' in this pattern of t?

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