Spot the Different Picture Brain Teasers for teens with Answers

A few months back, I had posted an easy Odd One Out puzzles. These puzzles were very much liked by the audience. So after looking at the visitors' response to that puzzle, we created more Odd One Out puzzles in which we have used only one picture and different changes. Again this puzzle also got a good response and then we created some Tricky Odd One Out puzzles in which one has to find the different picture out of given three pictures. Now with today's post, we are extending this series to post a few more puzzles in which one has to Spot the Different picture.
In these Spot the Different Picture puzzles, there will be three pictures given in each of the visual puzzles. Two pictures out of these three are exactly the same. However, there is one picture, which differs from these two pictures at least one of the point. Your challenge to find out this difference and thus point out that which picture is different from the other two?
Answers link to these puzzles is given at the end of this post. Do try to answer these puzzles without looking at the answers and check the answers, only to confirm that your answers are right. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.

Spot The Different Picture Puzzles-Eye Doctor
1. Can you find which picture is different?

Spot The Different Picture Puzzles-Frog
2. Can you find which frog is different?

Spot The Different Picture Puzzles-House
3. Can you find which is Odd One Out?

Spot The Different Picture Puzzles-Lake
4. Can you spot the different Picture?

Spot The Different Picture Puzzles-Pet Doctor
5. Will you find the Odd One Out?

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