Hidden Face in Picture Brain Teasers

Finding hidden faces in the pictures are very much liked visual puzzles. In these kinds of puzzles, one picture will be given which will contain many hidden people or faces of people. These faces will not be very obvious on the first look. However, if someone looks very carefully, then one will be able to see these hidden faces. Most of the time these picture puzzles contains the face of a human. However, some puzzles contain the animals in the picture. Also, there are some hidden objects puzzles where some objects will be hidden in such a way that these objects become part of the picture and sometimes it becomes very difficult to see such hidden objects in the picture.
There are some puzzles which require special techniques to see in the hidden objects in the picture i.e. by tilting your head or by shaking your head. There are some amazing picture puzzles in which one should move back to see the different hidden person in the picture.
Today's Picture Puzzles contains hidden pictures of great personalities. However, to some people, these hidden faces may not visible immediately. If you cannot see these faces immediately, try shaking your head or move further away to see it from the distance. Let us see how many of these hidden personalities you can see in the picture puzzles?

Can you find face of Obama hidden in this Picture Puzzle?
1. Can you find the hidden face of Obama?

Can you find face of Albert Einstein hidden in this Picture Puzzle?
2. Can you find the hidden face of Albert Einstein?

Can you find face of Mahatama Gandhi hidden in this Picture Puzzle?
3. Can you find the hidden face of Mahatama Gandhi?

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