Missing Number Puzzles: Logical IQ Tests

Welcome to a collection of 5 intriguing logical number puzzles that will put your brain to the test. These puzzles come in two different categories, designed to challenge different aspects of your logical reasoning abilities. In the first category, you'll encounter logical equations with missing numbers represented by question marks. Your task is to decipher the underlying logical patterns in these equations and deduce the correct value of the missing number.

If 23+1=5, 46+5=2, 87+3=5, 72+3=3 then 86+7=?. Can you solve this Missing Number Logical Reasoning Puzzle?
1. Missing Number Logical Reasoning Puzzle

In the second category, you'll encounter numbers arranged inside and outside rectangles. Your challenge is to uncover the hidden pattern in which these numbers are organized within the rectangle and identify the missing number marked with a question mark. Each puzzle challenge will require you to think critically and analytically to arrive at the correct solution.

Are you up for the challenge? Put your IQ to the test and see if you can crack these tricky logical number puzzles. Take your time to observe, analyze, and deduce the missing numbers.

If 63=19, 52=51, 44=36, 32=75 Then 21=?. Can you solve this Logical Reasoning Puzzle Question?
2. Logical Reasoning Puzzle Question

If 2=12, 3=31, 4=68, 5=129 Then 1=?. Can you solve this Tricky Logical Reasoning Puzzle?
3. Tricky Logical Reasoning Puzzle

Missing Number Puzzles: Maths Picture Brain Teaser
4. Maths Picture Brain Teaser

Missing Number Puzzles: Tricky Missing Number Brain Teaser
5. Tricky Missing Number Brain Teaser

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