Mathematical Logical Puzzles for Kids and Teens

Do you like to solve mathematical puzzles? There are many different logical puzzles can be created which will require the mathematical calculations to solve it. One of these puzzle types is mathematical logical equations. In these puzzles, there are some mathematical equations. These math equations are not correctly mathematically and it looks that these equations do not make any sense. However, if we study these equations logical then these equations will make full sense. So here are some brain teasers in which one has to think both logically as well as mathematically.
In these brain teasers, some Math equations are given. These Maths equations are correct logically and follow some certain pattern. One has to find the pattern followed in the given four equations and then solve the last equation correctly.
Answers to these brain teasers will be provided at the end of the post.
Can you crack this math logic puzzle?
1. Can you crack this math logic puzzle?

Easy math logic puzzle question for kids
2. Easy math logic puzzle question for kids

Mathematical thinking puzzle question
3. mathematical thinking puzzle question

Think and solve brain teaser
4. Think and solve the brain teaser

What will replace question mark?
5. What will replace the question mark?

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