Monday, July 8, 2019

Math Logic Brain Teasers for high school students

Mathematics as a subject is very much if you know the fundamentals of mathematics very well. I found many students loving it and there are many students who do not like Mathematics as a subject at all. The difference comes in understanding the fundamentals of this subject. If Mathematics can be thought in an interesting way then it's always fun to solve mathematical problems. It becomes great fun to solve mathematically logical problems. Here are some of the math logic problems for high school students. Hopefully, it will be fun learning for students :)
There are five mathematical logical problems. In these puzzles, few IF statements are given and one has to solve this IF pattern and after solving this one has to solve THEN statement. Let us see how many of these puzzles you can solve quickly?

Can you solve this math logic equation puzzle?
1. Can you solve this math logic equation puzzle?

Logical math mind twister puzzle
2. Logical math mind twister puzzle

Math logic equation puzzle question
3. Math logic equation puzzle question
If 1=4, 2=10, 3=18, 4=28 then 5=?
4. Math Logic Puzzle to Challenge your Brain

Math logical puzzle brain teaser
5. Math logical puzzle brain teaser


  1. Anyone solved #3? I cannot figure it out and wonder if there is a mistake.... :)

    1. Answer for #3 is 30. Logic in this puzzle is A*(A+1)=B

    2. Answers Link for all these Maths Logic Problems is provided now.


  2. ans
    for 1 is 50
    for 2 is 129
    for 3 is 30
    for 4 is 40
    for 5 is 79


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