Code Cracker Game: Digital Escape Room Logic Puzzles

This is a very interesting Code Cracker Puzzle Game. This is similar to a digital escape room game in which you have to first solve the three different puzzles to get the three 3-digit codes. Write down these 3 codes as the values A, B, and C in this puzzle, and then solve this puzzle to crack the 3-digit code. Other three puzzles which you need to solve as mentioned below

Maths Logic Puzzle Question: Crack the Code Puzzle A

Genius Puzzle Series: Crack the Code Puzzle C

Solve the above-mentioned puzzle to get the values of A, B, and C, and then solve this Crack the Code Puzzle Game.

Can you crack the Code and Open the Lock?
Digital Escape Room: Can you crack the code?

The answer to this "Crack the Code Puzzle Game", is disabled now. Solve all the puzzles and post the answers to all these puzzles in the comments along with your logical reasoning.


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The answer is 532

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