Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spatial Intelligence Puzzles for Kids

Spatial Intelligence Puzzles
Spatial Intelligence is ability to understand three dimensional Images and Objects. Logical Puzzles require one's left side of brain to solve it. However spatial puzzles requires right side to brain to solve these puzzles. Spatial intelligence is used in understanding maps, fixing equipment, estimating distances etc. It is also using in construction work of buildings.
These spatial puzzles relates to the visualization of construction of house in which pyramid with different colored side is given. One has to find the top view of this pyramid. There are four choices of possible answers are given. One has to select the correct choice which represents the exact top view of the given pyramid.
These are easy spatial puzzles which can be easily solve by kids. 

Non verbal ability puzzle
1. Can you tell which is the top view?

Non verbal reasoning puzzle
2. Can you find out which is the top view of pyramid?

Picture puzzle to find top view of pyramid
3. Find top view of pyramid

Spatial puzzle to find top view
4. Can you guess the top view of the pyramid?

Which is top view of pyramid picture puzzle
5. Which is top view of pyramid?

Answers of Spatial Intelligence Puzzles

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Here is answer to 1st Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain".
We have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.
Answer is 30.
AxBxC = D Then answer is Cx5. Other digits A and B are ignored.

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