Spatial Reasoning Intelligence Puzzles: Fun Picture Puzzles

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles: Non verbal ability puzzle
1. Can you tell which one is the top view?

Boost your spatial reasoning with fun picture puzzles. Engage in captivating intelligence puzzles and sharpen your visual perception skills.

Spatial Intelligence is the ability to understand three-dimensional Images and Objects. Logical Puzzles require one's left side of the brain to solve them. However spatial puzzles require the right side of the brain to solve these puzzles. Spatial intelligence is used in understanding maps, fixing equipment, estimating distances, etc. It is also used in the construction work of buildings.

How to Solve Spatial Reasoning Puzzles

These spatial puzzles relate to the visualization of the construction of the house in which a pyramid with different colored sides is given. One has to find the top view of this pyramid. There are four choices of possible answers given. One has to select the correct choice which represents the exact top view of the given pyramid.

These are easy spatial puzzles that can be easily solved by kids. 

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles: Non verbal reasoning puzzle
2. Can you find out which is the top view of the pyramid?

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles: Picture puzzle to find top view of pyramid
3. Find the top view of the pyramid

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles: Spatial puzzle to find top view
4. Can you guess the top view of the pyramid?

Spatial Reasoning Puzzles: Which is top view of pyramid picture puzzle
5. Which is the top view of the pyramid?

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