Mind Twisting Out-of-the-Box Brain Teaser Questions

Mind Twisting Out of Box Thinking Brain Teasers with Answers and Explanations

There are many Mathematical Brain Teasers that will test your Maths skills. Many Logical Brain Teasers test your logical abilities. There are many different types of Visual Brain Teasers to test your Observation Skills. Now it's time to post some brain teasers which are a mix of all these types of brain teasers and will require some outside-the-box thinking to solve these puzzles.
These puzzles will also test your mathematical, logical as well as visual observational skills. Along with these skills, most of these brain teasers will test your lateral thinking abilities.

Out of Box Thinking Brain Teaser which will boggle your mind
1. Can you find the missing number?

Out of Box Maths Brain Teaser which will twist your mind
2. Can you tell me How is this possible?

Maths Brain Teaser which will make your think Out of Box
3. Can you solve this out-of-the-box thinking brain teaser?

Parking Puzzle which will make your think out of box
4. On which numbers, the airplanes are parked?

Simple Brain Teaser which will twist your brain
5. Can you find what is missing?


Unknown said...

i dont get any of those puzzles, what should i do?

Rajesh Kumar said...

You can checkout the answer of these out of box thinking puzzles. Please let us know if something is not clear even after you read the answers for these puzzles?

Dreams Production said...


Rajesh Kumar said...

Your answer to the 5th puzzle is correct.

Unknown said...

Where is the answer?

Rajesh Kumar said...

There is answer link after the last puzzle image where you can check the answers of all these mind twisting puzzles.