Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quick Brain Teasers for Teenagers with answers

Quick Brain Teasers for Teenagers with answers
From last many days we have been posting different type of puzzles. These puzzle types includes Logical Puzzles in which one has to logical solve some of the given mathematical equations and then solve the last equations. There are many different types of Maths Riddles in which one has to tell the missing number in the group of given numbers. Also there are many different types of Picture Puzzles. Some of the picture puzzles are finding the Odd one Out among the given set of pictures and some of the Picture Puzzles are finding the hidden animals in the given pictures. Today brain teasers are different of all the brain teasers.
These brain teasers are mix of mathematical puzzles, logical puzzles and out of box thinking puzzles. However these brain teasers are not very tough and can be solved quickly. Try to solve these puzzles are quickly as possible.
Do post your timings to solve these puzzles in the comments section. Answers of these quick brain teaser are given at the end these puzzle images.

Quick Maths Puzzle Question
1. Quick Maths Puzzle Question

Quick Maths Riddle
2. Quick Maths Riddle

Quick Thinking brain teaser
3. Quick Thinking brain teaser

Quick Thinking Puzzle Question
4. Quick Thinking Puzzle Question

Quick Thinking Tricky Brain Teaser
5. Quick Thinking Tricky Brain Teaser

Answers of Quick Brain Teasers

1. Number 1, 2 and 3.

2. Marry was born in room number 1895.

3. Each knockout competition knocks out 1 team. To select one winner, we need to to knockout 22 teams which will require 22 competitions.

4. Only myself. All other are going in opposite directions.

5. 62 as mothers name is Mrs 62.

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