Brain Teasers and Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles for Brain Teasers designed specially for kids and teens
Childhood is the best time to get interested in solving puzzles. Brain Teasers and Puzzles will help a child to enhance his/her mental ability and brainpower. Fun With Puzzles website contains many different puzzles of different categories ranging from Mathematical Puzzles, Logical Puzzles to Visual Observational skill puzzles. Many of these puzzles and brain teasers are specially created for kids and teens. Here is the list of free puzzles which are easy and kids will love to solve these brain teasers.

Quick Fun Brain Teasers with answers

Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers to Challenge your Mind

Rapidly Maths Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Easy Mathematical Brain Teasers with answers For Kids and Teens to Challenge your Brain

English Word Puzzles for students with answers

Math Brain Teasers for Kids with Answers and Explanations

Missing Vowels Quiz-Can You Guess the Fruits?

Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems for Kids

Visual Picture Puzzles with Answers to Twist your mind

Picture Puzzles Brain Teasers for Kids With Answers

Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles for Kids and Teens

Non Verbal Reasoning Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers

Funny Brain Teasers Questions and Answers

Picture Puzzles of Rotating Gears with Answers

Quick Solving Maths Brain Teasers with Answers for Kids

Interesting Maths IQ Riddles for Kids and Teens With Answers

Matchstick Maths Picture Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Odd One Out Picture Puzzles for Kids With Answers

Mathematics Equations Circle Picture Puzzles for Kids with answers

Find the mistake picture puzzles for children and adults

Odd One Out Picture Brain teasers for kids

Easy Maths Picture Puzzles with answers for kids

Fun Puzzles to find C in given Patterns for Kids

Finding Hidden Faces in the Given Pictures Brain Teasers

Kids Math Equations Riddles with Answers

Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain

Can you find a different picture? Very Easy Puzzles for Kids

Math Brain Teaser Riddles for Kids

Interesting Fun Star Math Puzzle & Brain Teasers for Kids

Stroop Effect-Can you pass this colour test?

Mathematical Logical Puzzles for Kids and Teens

Spatial Intelligence Puzzles for Kids

Pattern-Find the next image in the sequence?

Next Number In The Sequence Puzzles for Kids with answers

Double Vision Reading Challenges

Easy Puzzles for Kids and Teens to Find Mistake in Pictures

Picture Brain Teasers to find which picture is different?

Find the Missing Number in These Triangles?

Can You Guess the Place By a Picture of It?

Odd One Out - Fun Letters Quiz for Kids

Missing Vowels Game-Can You Guess the Colors?

Cut the Cross Puzzle for Kids with Answers

Odd One Out Puzzles for Kids, Teens and Adults

Funny and Amazing Mind Twister Brain Teaser Pictures for kids

Matchstick Puzzles for kids with answers

Finding Hidden Objects Brain Teasers for Teens and Kids with Answers

Test your brainpower with funny riddles with answers

Spot The Difference Picture Brain Teasers Questions and Answers

Interesting Quick Riddles with Answers to ask your friends

Quick Super Funny Riddles for kids with Answers

English Idioms-Fill in Puzzles for Kids with answers

Mathematical Crack the code puzzles for kids with answers

Search hidden objects in puzzle images for kids with answers

Hidden Animals/Birds Picture Puzzles for Kids with answers

Easy Mathematical Equations with Operators Brain Teasers

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