Can You Find the Hidden Objects?

Search hidden objects in puzzle images for kids
Till now we have posted picture puzzles in which one has to find something hidden. In some of the puzzles, one has to find hidden animals in the picture. In some of the pictures, one has to find hidden words in pictures. Today we are posting which is a mix of finding the animals and hidden words.
In each of these puzzle images, something is hidden. You have to find these hidden objects in these pictures. In each of the picture, it is mentioned what objects to find.
Answers link to these puzzles will be given later. However, please do post your answers in the comment section of this post.

In the first picture, calculate the equations given in the pictures. These three answers are hidden in the picture. Find these answers. 
Hidden Math Answers Puzzle Image
1. Can you find the answers of mathematical equations hidden in the picture?

In the next puzzle, there are three hidden words in the picture. Find these out as fast as possible.
Three Hidden Words Puzzle Image
2. Can you find three hidden words in this picture?
Now its time to find three parrots in the puzzle picture below. Do post your timings to find this one. 
Three Hidden Parrots Puzzle Image
3. Can you find three hidden parrots in this picture?

Some words are hidden in the below picture. Let us see how many of these words you can find in this picture?
Hidden Words Cartoon Puzzle Image
4. Can you find hidden words in this picture?
Five different animals are hidden in the picture below. These animals can be sea, birds, domestic or wild animals. See how many of these animals, you can find in this picture?
Five Hidden Animal Puzzle Image
5. Can you find five hidden animals in this picture?

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