5 Awesome Parking Brainteasers To Test Your Mental Sharpness

Test your brain power with 5 awesome parking brainteasers
I have observed that parking slot in the marked follows a certain pattern. It gave me the idea to create some puzzles based upon parking slots. It means that one has to find out the pattern followed while marking the parking slot and then find out the missing number based upon this pattern. These brainteasers are to test your Logical Reasoning.
In these brain teasers, you have to find the parking number on which a particular vehicle is parked. You should be able to deduct logically this number by looking at the empty parking slots because there is some pattern while these parking slots are numbers. So it is the test of your mental sharpness to find this pattern to solve these brainteasers. In one of the brainteaser, one has to find the plot number on which power plant is constructed.
Answers to these brainteasers will be given later after some readers try to solve these puzzles and post their comments.

brain test to check your IQ
1. On which number the Car is parked?

Your mind is genius in case you are able to solve it
2. On which number the bus is parked?

Parking Picture Puzzle to test your brain
3. Can you tell on which number power plant is constructed?

Parking Puzzle to test your intelligence
4. Can you tell on which number aeroplane is parked?

Parking Picture Puzzle to check your intelligence
5. Can you tell on which number jeep is parked?

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You can check out the answers video to check the reasoning and solutions for these puzzles.

Omkar Divekar said...

1. Car parking puzzle - 57
2. Bus parking puzzle - 235831
3. Power plant puzzle - 397313
4. Aeroplane parking puzzle - 87
5. Jeep puzzle - 864044

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How do you get the number 3 ?

Fun With Puzzles said...

You can check the answers and explanations of these puzzles by clicking at the answer link given in this post.