Monday, December 4, 2017

Rapidly Maths Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Easy Maths Puzzle Question for childern
Mathematical Puzzles are very much fun to solve especially when these Maths Puzzles are represented in pictures. Kids love to solve these Mathematical Puzzles. Here I am posting some of the Mathematical Puzzles which are easy so that kids can solve these puzzles rapidly.
In these Rapidly Easy Maths Puzzles, some numbers are given in/or a Mathematical Shape. These numbers related to each other with some easy Mathematical pattern. You have to find this Maths pattern and then find the missing number which will replace the question mark.
Answers to these Rapid Maths Puzzles is given at the end. Also links to the similar Maths Puzzles is given after each of the Puzzle Picture.
Maths Rapid Puzzle
1. Can you find the missing number?

Missing Number sequence Puzzle
2. Can you find the missing number in this puzzle?

Maths Puzzle to find missing number in triangle
3. Which number will replace the question mark?

Quick Maths Picture Puzzle
4. Which number will come at the place of question mark?

Maths Brain Teaser to find missing numbers
5. Can you find the missing numbers?

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Answer of Rapid Easy Maths Puzzles

1. 30
Sum of numbers in each corner of triangle is 70.

2. 35
Mutiple first two numbers and then sutract the first number from the sum to obtain the 3rd number

3. 17
Multiple Numbers at left and upper corner of triangle and then add the sum to right corner of triangel to get the central number.

4. 20
Double the first number and then add this sum to 2nd number to obtain the 3rd number.

5. Upper Card 1 and Lower Card 2
For each column add numbers on each card and then double the sum to obtain numbers in next column.

Here is answer to 2nd Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain". I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.   
Answer is 855. If AB+CD = E then answer is (A+B)CD i.e (4+4)55 = 855.

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