Brain Cracking Maths Circle Puzzles

Brain Cracking Maths Circle Puzzles
Mathematics is a very interesting subject. I love to solve Mathematical Puzzles. I have created many different types of Maths Brain Teasers which are published under different posts on this website. Out of these Mathematical Puzzles, most famous puzzles are the ones which are created around a Geometrical shape such as Circle, Triangle, Rectangle etc. In these Maths Puzzles, numbers around these shapes are given which relates to each other with some Mathematical Pattern. Here are similar Brain Cracking Maths Puzzles which are themed around Circle.
In these Maths Circle Puzzles, some numbers are given in or around Circle. These numbers are related to each other Mathematically. Your challenge is to find the Mathematical pattern on which these numbers relates to each other and then solve for the missing number which will replace the question mark.
Answers of these Brain Cracking Maths Circle Puzzles will be given once there are few answers from our readers. Do post your answers for these puzzles in the comment section of this post.

Cross Circle Maths Puzzles
1. Can you find the missing number?

Maths Reasoning Puzzle Question
2. Can you solve it for the missing number?

Mind Twisting Math Circle Puzzle Question
3. Which number will replace the question mark?

Olympic Rings Missing Number Puzzle Question
4. Can you find missing number which will replace the question mark?

Simple Maths Brain Teaser
5. Solve and find the missing number.

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Here is an answer to 15th Brain Teaser Questions of the post titled "Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain". We have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.   
The answer is 26. The is Simple series with the difference in number is 2 more than the difference in previous numbers. So difference starts with 5 and increases in the series 5 7 9 11 and 13.


Kali said...

What are the answers??

Anonymous said...

Where are the answers

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thank for asking for the answers to these Circle Puzzles. Solutions of these #puzzles will be published soon.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Solutions to these Circle #puzzles will be posted soon.

Unknown said...

answer for 2nd question is 7.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Our answer to this puzzle question is different. It will be great if you can write down your logical reasoning which is used to get this answer?

Unknown said...

for 2. puzzle answer is 30

doctordownvote said...

The answer to the first puzzle is 4.

doctordownvote said...

answer to fourth is 2

Anonymous said...

Hi, what is the answer for the first one please?