Cool Maths Quiz for Kids with Answers

Cool Maths Quiz for Kids with Answers
It's a long time we have published Maths Brain Teasers. Our previous post on Maths Puzzle was "Interesting and Confusing Math Brain Test" which contained different Maths Puzzles which were used with different geometrical shapes. E.g. it contained Maths Puzzles with Square shapes in which four numbers were given. It also contained Three Squared Math Puzzles in which 3 numbers were given. Also, it contained Maths Brain Teaser in Triangular as well as Circle Shapes. One thing was common in all these Math Brain Teasers is that it contain a certain set of numbers which share a relationship among each other. One has to find this relationship among these numbers and then solve it for the missing number.
In these 'Cool Maths Quiz for Kids', four circles are given in each puzzle picture. Each circle contains three numbers. These three numbers share one Mathematical relationship with each other. One has to find this pattern or relationship among these three numbers and then has to solve each Maths Brain Teaser for the missing number which will replace the question mark.

Fun Brain Maths Puzzle
1. What will replace the question mark?

Maths Brain Teaser Puzzle
 2. Calculate the value of the Missing Number?

Maths Mind Puzzle
3. What is the value of the Missing Number?

Maths Puzzle
4. Can you solve this Simple Maths Puzzle?

Maths Riddle
5. Solve this Maths Riddle to find the value of the missing number?
If you love to solve Maths Brain Teaser, then you can check out the following Maths Puzzles.

Answers to these Cool Maths Quiz Brain Teasers are given below

1. 4

2. 17

3.  2

4.  3

5. 10


Unknown said...

Great :D
My nephew would like these so much :)

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Anubhav,
I am creating some more similar Fun Maths Puzzles for Kids to be published soon :)