Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cool Mathematical Brain Teasers with answers

Brain Teasers to test your Mathematical Skills
Today's Cool Math Brain Teasers is extension of earlier posted similar Cross Square Math Brain Teasers. We have been posting Math Brain Teasers with numbers around different mathematical shapes. One should definitely check these Math Brain Teasers after solving today's Cool Math Brain Teasers.
In these Cool Maths Brain Teasers there are four numbers given in each of the square which is divided by a cross. These four numbers relates to each other with mathematical operations. One has to find this relationship and then find the missing number in one of the square.
So are you ready to find the missing number which will replace the questions mark? Answers of these puzzles are given at the end. Do lookout the answers only to verify your solutions. Also do post your answers in the comment section along with your explanations to solve these puzzles.
Maths Picture Puzzle
1. Can you find the missing number?

Maths Puzzle to find out missing number
2. Can you find missing number in this math puzzle?

Easy Maths Brain Teasers to find missing number which will replace question mark
3. Can you find missing number which will replace question mark?

Tough Maths Puzzle to find missing Number
4. Can you calculate the value of missing number?

Very tough Maths Brain Teasers to find missing number
5. Can you calculate the value of missing number in this Maths Puzzle?

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Answers of Cool Maths Brain Teasers

A1. 7

A2. 2

A3. 15

A4. 1

A5. 4

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