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Easy Mathematical Puzzle Questions with Answers for students

Easy Mathematical Puzzle Questions with Answers for students
Mathematical is a very interesting subject. Students will love Maths if this subject is thought in an interesting way. Here we are presenting few Mathematical equation puzzles which are presented in the form of picture puzzles. These are easy Mathematical Questions for students. Let us see how many of these equations you can solve it quickly?
How to Solve Mathematical Puzzle Questions
In each of these Mathematical Puzzle Questions, four Mathematical equations are given as Picture Puzzle. There are four variables in these equations marked as A, B, C and D. Your challenge is to solve these equations and get the values of these variables as quickly as possible.
The answer to these Mathematical Puzzles Questions is given at the end.

Math brain teaser for students
1. Can you solve these Mathematical Equations?

Mathematical Puzzle Question
2. Can you find values of A, B, C and D in these equations?

Maths Brain Teaser
3. What are the values of A, B, C and D in these equations?

Maths equations brain teaser for students
4. Solve these Mathematical Equations

Maths puzzle question for students
5. Will you solve these Mathematical Equations?

Answers of Math Puzzle Questions

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  1. puzzle 4 answer is supposed to be: 5 4
    3 2

    1. Your answer is also correct. This Math Puzzle has many solutions.

    2. your answer is right but this answer is also right if a= 6, b=3, c=2 and d=3

  2. Fist Puzzle answer is A=5 B=3 C=5 and D=3

    1. Yes, your answer to this 1st maths puzzle question is right. Please solve the other #puzzles and post your comments.

  3. 2ND EQUATION A=9 B=2 C=6 D=5 1st EQUATION A=11 B=9 C=3 D=5

    1. 2nd Equation A=11 B=9 C=3 D=5 this is the proper ans


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