Friday, February 2, 2018

Mental Ability Test with Answers

Can you solve these Logical Equation Questions?
There are many different types of brain teasers published on this website. Some of the brain teasers are picture brain teasers in which one has to find hidden animals in the given picture. Some are Mathematical Brain Teasers in which one has to do mathematical calculations to find the answer. Also there are some brain teasers in which one has to count the number of given geometrical shapes in the given picture image. There are some Quick Brain Teasers too in which one has to quick answer the given riddles. Also there are Logical Puzzles in which has to solve the logical equation. Here are the logical puzzles which is extension of "Interesting Brain Teasers to Challenge your Mind".
In this mental ability test, mathematical equations are given which following some logical pattern in calculating the answer. One has to find this logical pattern and then solve the last equation to find the value of question mark.
Easy Brain Test Mind Teaser
6. Can you find value of missing number?
Don't miss to solve similar Logical and Mathematical puzzles in which Math equations are given which follows some logical pattern. One has to find this logical pattern and has to tell which number will replace the question mark?
Tricky Brain Teaser to test your mental ability
7. Can you solve this Logical Puzzle?
Genius Brain Teaser to test your mental ability
8. Can you solve this tough brain teaser?
Test your brain with this logical Math Equation Picture Puzzle
9. Can you find the missing Number?

Tough Logical Puzzle to test your mental reasoning
10. Can you solve this tough Logical Puzzle?
If you solved most of these puzzles correctly then you should definitely try Awesome brainteasers and Simple Math Riddles.

Answers of Mental Ability Test

6. 60 
 Add both the numbers and multiply by 2.

7. It could be either 121 or 1111 depending upon the logic applied.

8. 6. 

Logical Equation is A*(A-1)=B

9. 24 

Logical Equation is A*(A+B)=C


8 Logical Equation is (A-B)*(A+B)=C

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