Maths Logic Digit Puzzle Question: Crack the Code Puzzle A

This maths logic puzzle question is part of the Crack the Code Digit Puzzle Game. In this crack-the-code digit puzzle game, your challenge is to solve 3 different puzzles. Each puzzle will give you 3 digit code. This is puzzle A of this crack-the-code puzzle game. Solve this puzzle question to get the 3-digit code. Use this 3-digit code in the final puzzle in place of A. Before solving the final puzzle, you also need to solve the other two puzzles titled Logical Reasoning Question and Genius Puzzle Series to get the 3 digits code which is named B and C respectively. Let's see if you can solve these puzzles and finally crack the code?

Can you solve this math logic puzzle to crack the 3-digit code?
A. Can you crack the 3-digit Code?

The answer to this "Maths Logic Puzzle Question", is not provided. Solve this puzzle and then crack the code of the following mentioned puzzle. 


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Does anyone have suggestions on how to solve?

Sakr said...

8+2+5=15 *9 = 135

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