Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Awesome Missing Number Math Circle Puzzles with Answers

Can you find the Missing Number which will replace the question Mark?
Can you find the missing Numbers in the Circles? There are many different types of Math Puzzles which can be created using Circle. For Example there are Math Circle Puzzles in circle is divided into different segments with each segment is containing a number. These numbers have some logical relationship with another numbers around it and one has to find this relationship and then solve it for the given segment where the number is missing. There are also Circle Math Logic Puzzles where five numbers around the circle are given. Four outside the circle and one is inside the circle. Again one has to find the relationship between these numbers and then solve it for the missing number in one of the circle. Today's Circle puzzles are extension of these puzzles.
In each of these Math Puzzle Questions four circles are given and each circle contains the four numbers. These numbers in each circle has some mathematical or logical relationship with each other. One has to find this relationship among these numbers and then has to calculate the missing number in one of the circle?
Answers to these puzzles are given at the end of this post. Puzzles here are arranged in the order of their difficulty with first one being the easiest one and last one being the tough puzzle. Lets see how many of these puzzles can you solve quickly?

Maths Circle Puzzle for Kids in which you have to find the missing number
1. Can you find the missing number?

Easy Maths Circle Puzzle for Kids to find the missing number
2. Brain Challenge to find the missing number

Circle Maths Picture Puzzle to find the missing number
3. Can you calculate value of missing number?

Tricky Maths Picture Puzzle to find the missing Number
4. Can you crack this puzzle by finding missing number?

Maths Circle Brain Teaser for Teens which will blow your mind
5. What is the value of missing number?

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Answers of Missing Number Math Circle Puzzles
Answers along with explanations of the first 4 Maths Circle Puzzles are given as below. We have hold the answer of the last 5th Puzzle for the readers. Do post answer of the last puzzle in the comments. To understand the answers and explanation of these awesome missing number Maths Circle Puzzles, lets mark the each segment of Circle with A, B, C, D starting from top left segment and then moving clockwise. 

Answer is 6
Explanation: C=A+B+D

Answer is 5
Explanation: A+B = C+D

Answer is 3
Explanation: A+C=B+D

Answer is 12
Explanation: A x C = B x D

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