Maths Logic Puzzles Brain Teasers with Answers

Brain Teasers which combine both Mathematics and Logical Reasoning are very much interesting to solve. Most of these types of brain teasers contain some number equations which will not look correct Mathematically. However, if we apply some logical pattern to these equations, these equations will start making sense. Here are some Maths Logic Puzzles Brain Teasers to tickle your brain.
In these Maths Logic Puzzles Brain Teaser, four equations are given that look mathematical correct but these equations are logically correct. Your challenge is to find this logical connection in each of the brain teasers and then solve the last equation to find the missing number.
Let's see how quickly you can solve these Maths, Logical, and Reasoning Brain Teasers. Answers to all these brain teasers are given at the end.

Easy Logic Puzzle
1. Easy Logic Puzzle

Logic and Reasoning Puzzle
2. Logic and Reasoning Puzzle

Brain Teaser Puzzle Numbers
3. Brain Teaser Puzzle Numbers

Mind Puzzle Brain Teaser
4. Mind Puzzle Brain Teaser

Hard Logic Puzzle
5. Hard Logic Puzzle

You must try the following Maths and Logic Puzzles and Brain Teasers to crack your brain

List of Logical and Mathematical Brain Teasers

1. Mathematical Logic Brain Cracking Problems: These contain Mathematical and Logical Brain Teasers to challenge your brain.

2. Brain Wiring Test: It contains a mix of Mathematical Equation Puzzles, Mathematical Sequence Puzzles, and Logical Brain Teasers.

3. Interesting Brain Teasers to Challenge your Mind: It contains a mix of Logical Brain Teasers and Visual Picture Puzzles to challenge your mind.

4. Easy but Brain-teasing Math Problems for Kids: These are very interesting easy but mind challenging Maths problems in which your challenge is to add Mathematical operators in Math Equations to correct these equations.

Answers to these Maths Logic Brain Teasers are given below. Use these answers to check your solution. In case you have a different logic to solve these puzzles, do post your explanation and answer in the comments.
1) 14

2) 4

3) 3

4) 20

5) 1

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