Killer Sudoku Odd One Out: Picture Puzzle Challenge

This Odd One Out Picture Challenge is designed to test your observation skills and critical thinking.

The images depict the solved grids of the Killer Sudoku puzzle type. These 4 grids look similar to each other at first glance. However, one of the Killer Sudoku grids is different from the others. Can you find the differences in this odd grid and find the Odd Killer Sudoku Out?

Killer Sudoku Odd One Out: Picture Puzzle Challenge
Killer Sudoku Odd One Out: Which One is Different?

Here's a hint to help you solve the Killer Sudoku Odd One Out Picture Puzzle:

Examine each of the Killer Sudoku Puzzle images closely and determine if any of them violate the rules of Killer Sudoku. If you haven't solved the puzzle yet, take this clue into account and attempt to solve it once more.

The answer to this "Killer Sudoku Odd One Out", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please give your best try before looking at the answer.

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