Fun Logic Challenge: Easy Brain Puzzle and Answer

This logical mind brain teaser is designed for school-going kids. This is an easy mental ability question that will test your mathematical basics and logical reasoning. 

In this puzzle challenge, there are logical equations. These equations contain letters and numbers. Your challenge is to decode the hidden pattern that relates the numbers and letters in these reasoning equations. Let's see if you can crack the hidden code to find the missing number.

If B+3=6, D+2=8, E+1=5, C+4=12 Then B+6=?. Can yous solve this Kids Logic Challenge?
Kids Logic Challenge: Easy Brain Puzzle

This easy puzzle statement reads "If B+3=6, D+2=8, E+1=5, C+4=12 Then B+6=?". Can you solve this Kids Logic Challenge to find the value of "B+6" in the last letter-number equation?

The answer to this "Logical Brain Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


Unknown said...

I think you mixed up add and multiply.

Rajesh Kumar said...

The equations given in the puzzle image are numbers or alphabet equations which we need to convert to logical equations.
In this logical brain puzzle, the addition sign gets converted to multiplication while converting into the hidden logic.