Lateral Thinking Quiz Puzzles: Decode the Hidden Logic!

This puzzle video contains the lateral thinking quiz questions. Can you decode the hidden code in number equations to find the value of the missing number?

Each quiz question in this video will make you think outside the box. Each of these logical math puzzles contains a series of number equations. There is hidden logic in each of the IQ puzzle questions. Your challenge is to decode this hidden logic and find the value of the missing number in the last equation.

There are 5 fun critical thinking questions in the video and you have only 20 seconds to solve each of these number puzzles. Let's see if you can crack the code and solve these hard math logic questions?

If 5+5=52, 6+2=21, 3+9=72 Then 7+2=?. Can you solve this Lateral Thinking Quiz Question?
Lateral Thinking Quiz Puzzle: Decode the Hidden Logic!

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