Brain Testing Logical Brain Teaser for Adults with Answer

This Logical Brain Teaser is to Test your Logical Reasoning Skills. This is the tough Logical Reasoning Brain Teaser for Mensa Brains and 98% people will not be able to solve it. Do try giving Mensa Test if you are able to solve this Logical Reasoning Brain Teaser!
If 3+2=4, 2+1=1, 4+2=10, 5+3=17 Then 6+1=?
Can you solve this Brain Testing Logical Brain Teaser?

Answer of this "Brain Testing Logical Brain Teaser for Adults", can be viewed by clicking on answer button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.

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Unknown said...

the answer is 29 by , squaring the left hand number and subtract it from the sum of the two numbers

like this , C= A^2- A+B