Decode the Parking Puzzle: Test Your Intelligence

This article contains the parking puzzle that will challenge your intelligence. In this parking puzzle, your challenge is to analyze the given parking numbers to decipher the hidden pattern. Once you crack the code in this parking pattern, then find the parking number on which the airplane is parked.

19, 29, 41, 46, ?, 67 Test your Intelligence
Decode the Parking Puzzle: Test Your Intelligence

The answer to this "Brain Test Parking Question", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


NN Murty said...

29+2+9=40 not 91?

Benyamin Asadi said...

The answer is not correct

Rajesh Kumar said...

@NN Murty and @Benyamin Asadi
Yes, you are right. There is a calculation mistake in this puzzle. Thanks for pointing out this mistake. We need to correct this puzzle.