Picture Puzzles with Answers

There are many different types of visual puzzles on this website. These puzzles test your visual perceptions as well as your observational skills. In this post, we are posting some of these different Picture Puzzles. All of these Picture Puzzles are of different types. In one of these picture puzzles, one has to find a hidden letter/number while in one of the picture puzzle one has to find the hidden animal in the given photo puzzle image.
These are the picture puzzle to check your visual or observational mind power. Each of these picture puzzles will give you a different type of challenge. Each challenge is mentioned on top of each picture puzzle image.
Answers to these picture puzzles are given at the end. Links to similar picture puzzles are given after each of the picture puzzle images. Do click on these links to explore more picture puzzles of similar types.
Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
1. Can you find which picture is different?

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Hidden Number finding picture puzzle
2. Can you find hidden number 8 in this picture?

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Picture Puzzle to find Odd One Out
3. Can you find which is Odd One Out?
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Picture Puzzle to find Hidden Dog
4. Can you find hidden Dog in this picture puzzle image?
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Picture Puzzle to find hidden Letters
5. Can you find hidden letters in this picture?
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List of Visual Puzzles

Answers of Picture Puzzles

Answers of these picture photo puzzles are given as below.
1) B

2) In the Second Last row

3) A

4) On the left side around the lower middle

5) Letters are scattered all around in this photo puzzle


Unknown said...

3.A not c

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks. You are right. We have changed the answer of this Picture Puzzle now.