Count Number of Triangles: Easy Picture Brain Teasers

Count Number of Triangles: Easy Brain Teasers with Answers

Earlier we have posted finding the number of squares in the given picture which has got a very good response from the audience. So on a similar line, we are now posting the brain teasers in which one has to find the number of triangles in the given puzzle pictures.
There are series of puzzle images of triangles that are divided further into smaller triangles. One has to count all the big and small triangles in the given puzzle pictures. Getting the exact count will be the challenge here as one always tends to miss one of two triangles.
Answers to these puzzles will be provided at the end. Do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Easy Puzzle to Count Triangles
1. Can you count the number of Triangles in this Picture Puzzle?

Simple puzzle to count triangles
2. How many Triangles are there in this Picture?

Counting Triangles picture puzzle
3. Do count the Number of Triangles in this Picture Image.

Triangles counting picture puzzle
4. How many total triangles can you see in this picture puzzle?

Puzzle to Count number of triangles
5. Count total triangles in this Picture Puzzle.

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Answers the counting the number of triangles, brain teasers are as given below
1) 5

2) 6

3) 7

4) 7

5) 11

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